Virtual employment workshops

We've created a set of videos which cover everything from where to look for jobs, how to prepare for interviews to how other blind and partially sighted people have found employment. We'll be adding more over the next few weeks, so keep checking back for updates.

Photos of people who contributed to the videos

These have been put together with the help of Steph Cutler, a visually impaired entrepreneur who runs a successful business called Making Lemonade. Everyone featured in the videos is blind or partially sighted.

Access to Work FAQs

Our resident Assistive Technology expert answers some frequently asked questions about the Access to Work scheme.

What work gives me

Sometimes looking for work can be demoralising, these VI people who have found employment talk about what they get out of work.

How I got into work

Getting a job offer isn't always straightforward. Hear some stories about how these visually impaired people landed their job.

Your rights FAQs

Do you know what your rights are in the workplace and when applying for jobs? Hear answers to frequently asked questions.

Disclosing your visual impairment

Unsure whether you should tell your potential employer about your eye condition when applying for a job? Hear some pros and cons from people who have disclosed, and those who haven't.

The dos and don'ts of applying for a job

Get an edge above other job candidates by following these tips from employers and recruiters.

Steph's tutorial: Where to look for work

Make sure you cover all the bases when doing your job search.

Steph's tutorial: Choosing your career

Not everyone knows what they want to do in their work life, here's some help to make that decision.

Steph's tutorial: First impressions in interviews

What you wear, eye contact and body language are all important in an interview setting. We cover tips on getting it right.