Vision Hotels

At Vision Hotels, the intimate understanding of the needs of visually impaired people is at the core of all of the services and activities that our hotels provide, creating the perfect foundation to enable visually impaired hotel visitors to relax and have choice, to tailor their holiday around what they want to do and not what they are able to do.

Front of Windermere Manor Hotel

We work hard to ensure that we are accessible for all which is why we have developed a new Vision Hotels website which now includes the first ever fully accessible booking system.

We've also got a hotel features comparison chart, more in-depth information about each hotel, videos, galleries and our digital community where you can leave reviews, upload photos and join in the community.

Vision Hotels is all about people, having a great holiday and providing choice in abundance so please visit the Vision Hotels website to find out where to spend your next holiday.

Visit the Vision Hotels website

Glamping - please tell us what you think

Loads of people are turning to 'glamping' as a fun way to take a holiday or break. Glamping stands for 'glamorous camping' and is basically a way to go camping but with extra features normally found in hotels like heating, electricity, and a proper bed. So if sleeping in a tent isn't really your thing, you don't want to pay hotel prices but would still like to enjoy an outdoors holiday, then glamping may be for you!

Please email us at to tell us your views on glamping and if you would like us to consider it at Vision Hotels.