Access to Work applications

Access to Work is a government scheme that can provide you with equipment, adaptations to your working environment or a support worker to enable you to run your own business (provided that it is for disability needs).

Our self employment service offers support with Access to Work applications for;

  • Adaptive and assistive technology (CCTV, screen readers etc).
  • Environment adaptations to the place of business (improved lighting).
  • Travelling to, from and during work (taxis or a support worker).
  • A Support worker (for reading, guiding or doing certain aspects of the business).

Applying for equipment

To aid the Access to Work application our service offers support to identify equipment to enable you to run your own business.

This could be;

  • Magnification software – to keep a record of your accounts.
  • A dictaphone – to make notes.
  • CCTV – to read paper work or keep accounts.
  • A striplight or head torch – to improve lighting.

Applying for a support worker

To aid Access to Work with a support worker application, you will need to identify tasks which you are unable to undertake in relation to your business as a result of your visual impairment. This could be;

  • To guide you to and from meetings.
  • To drive you to and from customers and suppliers.
  • To drive you to customers when giving quotations.
  • To read business documents such as, insurances, terms and conditions etc
  • To take photographs for an e-commerce website.

Where to get help

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If you need advice about self employment then please contact your local Action team and they will put you in touch with someone who can help.

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Frequently asked questions

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A range of our most frequently asked questions and how Action's self employment service can help.

Frequently asked questions