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In early 2011 Action for Blind People carried out a questionnaire survey of blind and partially sighted young people between the ages of 14 and 25. The aims of the survey were to find out what issues are important to the young people and what services and support they feel are needed or would like to receive.

Overview of findings

It is evident from the findings that the young people are interested in the same wide range of interests and activities as their fully sighted peers. Just like any other young person in this age group they want to have a network of friends and participate in a range of social activities.

However when asked for the three issues that affected them most as a young person with a visual impairment the top five indentified were:

  • Difficulties they experienced in relation to independent travel and/or transport.
  • Difficulties in meeting and socialising with other young people.
  • Lack of awareness of visual impairment.
  • Need to become more independent.
  • Issues around employment.

The findings will be used by Action's regional transitions services to offer appropriate and meaningful help to blind and partially sighted young adults and to support funding bids to enable the delivery of projects that have been highlighted as important to the young people.

Full review

You can download the full review: Action Transition Report 2011.

Tell us what you want

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  • Hi,
    Hope all is going well.
    I have just read your report 'Action transition report'
    I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed...why?
    You have based the whole report and conclusion on just 53 responses.
    In my last 11 years of working with children with visual impairments i have found that the needs and wants of a bind child whole is a braille / cane user to be very different from a child who have a mild VI with an acuity of 6/9 who can still read all the board work from the back of the class....
    The report may no effort to differentiate children’s degree of visual impairment which in my opinion has a very marked influence on the support they need and hence what they feel are their own main requirements.
    Sorry to be so negative. I would like to be positive and complementary about the report but I feel little attention should be paid to it as it is based on such a small sample without even that sample level of Vi being considered.

    John M

    Posted by John Myerscough, 28 October 2011 (4 years ago)

  • Hi, I am 17 years old and as I am about to ebin my A2's in September I would like support with UCAS and university support and induction session for the blidn and partially sighted for the 2015 cohort of entries.

    Posted by Ben Doherty , 7 August 2014 (10 months ago)

  • How about some events in the South East of the country for young people - there is nothing going on in the London or South East Region. My nephew is blind living in Surrey - where are there any events for him please?

    Posted by Kathryn, 1 October 2014 (8 months ago)

  • I live in the London Borough of Bexley and I have a 14 year old daughter who is registered blind and I also know of at least 6 other young people with visual impairment. There are no social opportunities for them to mx with other V.I. youngsters (long cane users) or for them to 'hang out' together in a safe environment.

    Posted by Julie, 4 November 2014 (7 months ago)

  • Hey Julie & Kathryn,

    Have you checked out the activities calendar? Got some events coming up in November and December for London and the south east.

    London -

    South east -

    Posted by Ed Lyon, 5 November 2014 (7 months ago)

  • I'm homeless everyday I sleep in different houses what help can I get to get a house ?

    Posted by Hassan, 17 December 2014 (5 months ago)

  • Hello Hassan, very sorry to hear of your struggles.

    Our housing service is designed to help you live as independently as possible in the home of your choice. Our housing coordinators are trained to help you understand your rights, and advise you of practical solutions to any problems you may be experiencing.

    Contact your local Action team to get support:

    Posted by Ed Lyon, 22 December 2014 (5 months ago)

  • hello my friends,
    is my dream to live and work in the US, but i cannot without visa ......who can help me ? how can i go there? If you see this message and can help me please contact me at

    Posted by Gianina, 6 March 2015 (3 months ago)

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