At the eye clinic

Diagnosis of an eye condition can be hard for people to come to terms with which is why we have a service which is designed to offer immediate help. We work with hospital eye clinics to provide specialist information and advice to people who have just been diagnosed with sight loss.

Honor Blackman having her eyes tested

We would like to ensure that no one is left without support and information at any stage of the eye care journey. Busy clinicians often do not have time to explain to patients the vast array of opportunity and support that is available to them, even if nothing more can be done for their sight. We do have the time and all the information that you need.

Eye clinic liaison officers

Our eye clinic liaison officers (ECLO) work in conjunction with opticians, doctors and hospitals, health services, social care services and other voluntary organisations.

What to expect

We ensure that those who attend eye clinics, including low vision clinics, have instant access to targeted relevant advice and support. Experienced staff provide practical information to clients and help put their diagnosis in context.

Where to get help

Man smiling on phone

If you have just been diagnosed with sight loss and need information about our Eye Clinic Liaison Officers then please contact your local Action team and they will put you in touch with someone who can help.

Contact your local Action team